About the Book

This book is about basic issues that define our country's course of development. In a diverse cross-section of topics, the author discusses in his inimitable style the fundamental flaws that have beset the nation's inexorable march to progress and prosperity. He also elaborates how a shift in the positions of individual members of society on different issues could cause a qualitative difference in the course of events and thereby lead to a better tomorrow.

The articles compiled in this book have already appeared in the social media on the author's writing platform ( and won wide acclaim. Endowed with the right balance of insight and prowess owing to the extensive exposure and rich experience gained in his professional capacity in the corporate, economic and social sectors, the author has been able to do justice to the task at hand.

Not written with any particular section or group of persons in mind, the book’s aim is to pique the interest, curiosity and conscience of the individual reader and thereby motivate him to think, and then inspire him to act for the inclusive and sustainable development of our nation. Being an inalienable and intricate part of the society, it is the individual's thought pattern that will make all the difference in the final shaping of our country’s destiny. And that, dear reader, is the undercurrent of the brook of the author's thoughts that this book tries to encapsulate.