This book is dedicated to my Mother and Father,
Smt Dayawati and Shri Ram Niwas Gupta

You gave all your children, including myself, the best childhood that we could have ever asked for and made us what we are today. Without both of you, none of our successes would have been possible. Your continuous guidance and veteran advice on day-to-day living aspects, even today, has been and will always be the chief source of inspiration for all your children.

You imparted in us the right set of values, the fundamentals of ethics, unambiguous ideas about the paradoxes of life and a pristine perception about the role of an individual in life for the collective good of the society. You convinced us there is no way an individual can truly thrive without carrying the rest of the society along. From your lives, we learned how to set about accomplishing onerous tasks. Such were the nuggets of wisdom that your children imbibed from the first lessons at home in the course of acquisition of crucial knowledge!

Even now, I can recall how life in the part of the town where we lived was fraught with impediments, such as severe constraints of sources of quality education and income. We are grateful that both of you ceaselessly put up valiant struggles to provide all of us quality education and the right conditions to get along, without being the least affected by the flipside of life in our surroundings and neighbourhood.

Your lessons on ethics were quite precise and practical. For instance, answers to questions like ‘Why we cannot thrive individually without the betterment of society?’, ‘How actions of one person can lead to the economic growth of the entire country?’ and ‘Where to start from, so as to reach the ultimate goal?’ were best given by you. And these answers have helped us construe events with morality and righteousness.

From you, we came to know that without motivating and inspiring the common man, no good can be achieved in any nation’s socio-economic sphere. We learned that our society is what we make it. Just blaming politicians, bureaucrats, leaders or anyone else without taking individual responsibility or contributing to the society’s betterment is not going to serve any purpose. Every single rupee counts, even a piece of bread holds worth, and one enlightened and committed person can bring about revolutions were some of the key chunks of your lessons. Given the above, my writings reflect the journey of my life of which you have been the most central part. To tell you honestly, we can’t ever thank you enough for your selflessness, kindness, devotion, endless support and other contributions in our lives. Hence, we shall do our best to follow the path you have expounded. Meanwhile, I humbly dedicate this book to both of you.

Sunil, your devoted son