Before ancient civilisations like Indian, Chinese, Minoan, Grecian, Egyptian, Roman and Maya of Mexico grew and blossomed from time to time, there was a great legendary figure in Indian civilisation, Manu, who gave the world all laws and jurisprudential philosophy to govern for ensuring basic human urges, firstly to live, secondly to live better, thirdly to live longer, healthily, purposefully and happily, and fourthly to die peacefully on this planet earth.

Prophetically, he observed:

"Etath desa prasutasya, saakasaat agra janmanah swam swam sevabhi sikheran priithivyam sarva manavah" Manu Smriti

(Those that are born in this land would be considered to be elders under the sun to teach service-based values to humans on this planet)

In the West, the mighty Roman emperor Julius Caesar said: “You can kill a man, but you cannot kill an idea.” Later Marcus Aurelius, the well-known Roman emperor-philosopher said in his meditation: “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Thought is mother of idea, which is mother of imagination, which is mother of vision, which is mother of intention, which is mother of action , which is mother of result, in every sphere of human existence and endeavour. All over the world, thought masters swayed civilisations, which in turn swayed wings of progress and prosperity of human race. That is why thought is considered to be the most important.

Here is a book by Dr. Sunil Gupta, titled “Thoughts Gallery“, a purposeful compilation of most of his blogs on a variety of subjects containing facts, impressions and opinions, concerning various national and international problems and issues that modern India is currently facing.

The book is divided neatly into 12 chapters, namely Ameliorating Indian Politics, Fostering Governance, Momentous to Economy, Pushing the Industry, Real Development, Base of India: Agriculture, Nourishing Health and Education, Roots: Women and Children, Religion and India, India Together with the World, The Common Indian, and Dexterous Electoral Process.

Obviously, the copyright on the mentioned facts, opinions and inferences and all contents of the book exclusively rests with the author.

This is a strenuous effort and the sweep is wide and varied.

Some may agree or disagree with different contents in the book, but the contents are bound to make honest and conscious citizens think, think and think. In one word, the book is thought-provoking and should ignite every thinking person ponder on its merits and demerits.

I wish author all the best

(Dr GVG Krishnamurty, Former Election Commissioner of India)